Anonymous SENT: Because there are like 10 novels. Also, that's one shiny fucking turd considering it's the best selling series of all time ever in the history of anime, and one iteration alone of the series has the greatest sales of any single anime. >Waah, I think it's got lolis so it sucks and fanservice :( Why do people like it?

Hello! My name is OP and I’ve seen ten anime! I really loved bakamonogatari because it’s really deep and makes you think. The #incest and fetishisation of 6 year olds is very deep and indicative of male gaze! Have you seen Kill la Kill? It’s also very good. I ignore sales figures for any other anime that’s outsold Bakamonogatari but that doesn’t matter cos it’s the real winner here!

"We expected a professional pitch from Kojima, an outline and a treatment of what he had in mind with a cursory budget; perhaps a couple assistants to run a slide show. Instead Kojima walked in the room without so much as a piece of paper. He went to the chalk board in the room and simply wrote the words SILENT HILL. Then he added an ‘S’ to make SILENT HILLS. Dramatically, he drew two vertical lines through the ‘S’, SILENT HILL$. He turned around and grinned. We greenlit the project that day for $200 million."



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Finally have release dates and pictures of the first two Super Strap Collection items: Stone Mask and Memetaa Frog.  By Di Molto Bene.  ¥800 each, December 2014.

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August 21 2014


Trans Europ Express (TEE).

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August 21 2014


john mccain is in baseball jail 

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